Friday, September 21, 2007

Why Frown?

I read this article “7 in 10 frown on homosexuality, NTU survey finds” yesterday morning in The Strait Times and felt disturbed by it. I am rather uncomfortable with the way the information is presented, the use of words like frown, disgusting and anti-gay seems to impose negatively on the subject. I really admire how positively Mr Wang accepted the facts. But at the same time, I am surprised that in a country like Singapore where more than half attained secondary or higher education, we are not that open after all.

We all know that gay didn’t choose to be one, they are just different in certain ways, and that’s all. You can see from here and here. In a similar scenario, if your friend is colour blind, flat footed or bald, have premarital sex and is divorced, would you frown or find them disgusting? I do not believe that there is anyone who is perfect genetically or mentally. In fact, a lot of time, gay can be better friend than straight. I know because I have these friends too.

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