Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Super Long Weekend

Last weekend was a super long one, not the long weekend that last for three or five days, but one that exhausted me more than other days. I completed a home project which I wanted to do three years ago, held back due to my busy schedule. I wanted to erect some racks in my storeroom and get my barang barang organized. I could not hold back the project any longer because I am starting to have problem closing the door.

I choose GORM system from IKEA, and went down last Monday to get the parts. In fact, I did the measurement and planned the rack configuration two months back, but IKEA did not have all the parts I needed. There are a few reasons why I like to buy their furniture. First, I get to shop at a big and nice place, a place you could find practically all your finishing needs and ideas. The prices are quite reasonable unless you are into quality of material. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when you look at the finished products. And finally, I get to do some hands on work as a form of exercise which I need.

It took me nearly eight hours to clear my storeroom, tear down the fixed shelving, clearing the debits, alter and assemble the racks. By the time I was ready for a shower before bed, it is already 2.30am. The next morning, I was surprised that we discard the unwanted stuffs and repack the storeroom in only four hours flat. Anyway, it was not time to rest, like I say earlier, it is a “long” weekend. I still need to bring my family out for grocery shopping and then dinner at Ah Mah house.

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