Saturday, September 15, 2007

It is Butter? NO, It's DURIAN!!!

The last minutes before ending the day’s works, my friend gives me that funny looking face again. My monitor screen show his massage, “Ready to go!” And yes, since our last durian marathon , I did promise to bring him to one more such stall that offer the best durians you can find in Singapore, and for weeks, he’s been harassing me.

The stall used to be located beside one Chinese temple along Balestier Road, now, it is along the pavement right in front of Ruby Plaza. The stall is not very prominent, but with the strong lighting, you should have no difficulty identifing the yellow signboard in the tentage that reads, 亞蘭榴梿.

The helper told us that the stall has been around for more than three decades. And they have been selling this breed of 毛山王durian for years, they named it Butter Durian, one would only understand why after you put it in your mouth. Though selling one of the best durian species you can find in Singapore, surprisingly, it is not the most expensive one around. At $16 a kilogram, most would find it well worth. The fruit come with very small seeds, and the flesh was soft, giving you the “melt in the mouth” feeling. The smell is unforgettable. But there is one thing I hate about these breed of durian, it has spoil my taste bud, it is very difficult to find better or equivalent durian anymore.

If you are a durian lover, you really should try this. And one more thing, the boss were allocated limited numbers each day, the Butter Durian would normally be out of stock quite early. So, be early, or be sorry.

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