Monday, September 17, 2007

Cina Kambing Soup

Saturday lunch at Adam Food Centre is normally not a comfortable experience. With limited number of tables and quite a few popular stalls around means that it is always crowded during meal time, it is especially difficult to find a table when you have a bigger group of say four people or more. But it is different this month, because this is the month of Ramadan, and our Muslim friends will not be taking lunch since they are fasting. We can see that the place is at least 30% less crowded than other days, but don’t misunderstand me, it still takes some minutes to settle down.

I have tasted the Indian kambing soup at this place before, it is good, but today I am trying the Chinese herbal mutton soup from 亞當羊肉湯. I ordered the $4 soup with rice, and later realized that the portion was actually quite small. The mutton was well cook, and though the smell of herbs was not very strong but it did manage to cover the distinctive smell of mutton which many Chinese didn’t like. It is not an easy task to eliminate the smell, this is a secret the stall owner will never reveal, and that’s also why there are not many Chinese stall selling mutton soup. The one thing you should not forget is to get a small disc of the chili mixed with vinegar, it will really enhance the taste of the mutton. As this is not a food commonly found in hawker centers, I would try it every now and then when I am come across it, even though I know some better ones on this little island.

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