Friday, September 07, 2007

Hey, Botak! Are You JONES?

This is one botak that changes the face of western food in coffee shop here, the introduction of restaurant standard dining in coffee shops, at affordable price.

Years back when I was younger, steak in coffee shop would mean two pieces of meat grilled to medium or well done, served with baked beans and coleslaw. And it never filled my stomach enough to last a soccer game.

Then, things are different here, the foods are served in good portion, with side dish and the right sauces. You can complain about your steak not been medium rare, you can eat half your serving and ask the waiter to pack it for you to take away, without getting that funny look, without question from them.

They have been around for a while, with a good reputation on their food and services. It is quite amusing to see a hawker stall with business volume capable of sustaining more than ten staffs. My dad was a hawker, I know how difficult it is to achieve that. Anyway, though they may not be serving the best food around, but I must say that it is more than value for money, and so far, I really enjoy the food.


Aaron said...

Botak Jones has good stuff.
Their sausages rock too!

BACTS said...

i visited the AMK branch a few times, and they've been good, but i did heard of some complain at clementi outlet. let's hope they improve and make it better.