Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blood Or Freedom?

The world has responded, so did junta. Breaking the links is a shocking news to the online community, it’s like switching off the lighting in a dark alley. Internet connection has proofed to be a fast and effective tool for providing information but everything has its weakness.

Wear red, sign a petition or apply to hold peaceful protest, along with the leader of many nations that have stood up against the squelching operation but the other end of the line remain silence.

Following the lost of links, a more intensified crackdown may be inevitable. Like what Lucky Tan have mentioned in his Blog, the people in Myanmar will have to stand united and get their freedom and rights back from the bullies, with their bare. For now, we could only pray for the best of our ASEAN brothers and sisters, and hope that the history do not repeats itself anymore.

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