Friday, September 14, 2007

Generous And Spendthrift, Same Or Different?

I was pursuing a Hong Kong Cantonese series 学警出更 last night with my other half. In the last few episodes, a couple went their own way even when they still love one another very much, with the common excuse many use, differences in character.

I remember quoting an article to my wife when I encounter a similar situation before our marriage. The article descried the contradicting differences in the character of a good boyfriend and a good husband. It says that one generous boyfriend, upon marriage, would be considered a spendthrift husband, a boyfriend with the righteousness character would likely be blame for not caring enough for his family, an easy going boyfriend turn out to be a husband that is not firm or easily influence, etc.

The strong points in ones character sometime turn out to be weak links when he or she plays a different role in life. At the end of the series, the girl finally realizes that she was being selfish. She initially felt in love with him because he was a good man, one that is caring, generous with the righteous mind, one who would go very far, do many things for his friend, but the expectation changed after she became his wife, she expected the guy to turn his focus to her, to only her, which he didn’t, giving her the reason to divorce him. It is ironic that the very reason that brings them together also breaks them apart. Although they finally have the same understanding, the girl met with a mishap and died. Seem like they are just not fated to age together.

At this point my wife said to me, “Luckily, you are not like that, I don’t like this type of guy.” Well, whatever you like, whatever I am like, I am happy that my wife has loved me for who I am.

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