Thursday, September 06, 2007

Indian Roti

I was dragging my feet home last evening, exhausted due to previous late night, then my wife release a bad news to me. Oh, it is not really a bad news, she has promised my girls a satay treat for supper. Well, a promise is a promise, anyway, I hate to disappointment my girls unless necessary.

Satay Club would be a good choice, it is a pity I don’t know where it moved to when Sembawang Shopping Centre is demolished. So the next on my list, only about fifty meters away from the Shopping Centre along Sembawang Road, D’Rubinah Restaurant, it is actually a coffee shop beside Mobil Station. Parking space in this area is limited, but driver have their way around.

I order only 20 sticks of Satay with one Naan, just enough to ease the crave for a family of five. The Satay stall hides at the back of the shop, which is the end of the alley, but the taste is good and the meat is tender as compared to many others. The Naan here is cooked in a Tandoor, and it comes in a few flavors, garlic, cheese, honey, etc. They also sell roti prata too. For taste above average with good variety of Indian and Malay food, this is the place.

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