Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All Wheel Drive BICYCLE

This thing look interesting to me, I have never heard of AWD bike before. But, I hope my brother will see this, this is his hobby.

The CHRISTINI AWD is equipped with standard mountain biking components. Pedaling, shifting and braking are just like on a traditional bike.

A handlebar-mounted switch controls the AWD "shift on the fly" clutch. When the clutch is engaged, the rear spiral gear interlocks with the rear hub and power is transferred via internal shafts to the forward spiral gear set, which drives the CHRISTINI freehub.

Due to a slight gearing differential, the front wheel is not actively powered on smooth level ground. However, the moment the rear wheel slips, power is instantaneously transferred to the front wheel. Similarly, the moment that the front wheel decelerates, as in hitting a rock or starting to wash out in a corner, power and traction are transferred to the front wheel.

The effect is awesome. Instead of stalling when the rear wheel slips - the front wheel hooks up and you keep climbing. Instead of glancing off a slippery root - the CHRISTINI AWD tracks right over it. Instead of washing out the front end in an off-camber corner - the front wheel literally chews it's way through the turn. The CHRISTINI AWD is simply the best climbing mountain bike on the market.
The CHRISTINI AWD has the capability to take you places other bikes won't or can't follow... and the durability to get you back.

In over 4 years of testing, the AWD components have required far less routine maintenance than the primary drive train (which is comprised of top quality sprockets, high-end shifters and standard hubs). The best corrosion and wear resistant materials are utilized and we have "designed in" extremely simple service procedures. For instance; should the sealed bearings ever need to be replaced, the entire internal drive system can be disassembled for complete overhaul in less than 10 minutes.


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