Saturday, September 22, 2007

Now You Smell It, Now You Don’t

Not so long ago, I have learned from somewhere this method of eliminating odor when you are unloading in the toilet. I tried, it works.

In fact, I have tried many ways and at least a dozen products, but none work well and last. I do not know what is the theory behind and how it kills the smell. Some of you might have heard it before, but anyway here is how it works, by lighting up a lighter or burning a candle even an unscented one. You’ll be amazed how simple, fast and cost effective it is.

When we use fragrances, air deodorizer or fresheners, it practically masks the odor which does not last long, and after a while, we sort of got used to the fragrances anyway. Air or carbon filter fan seem it be more useful in removing the smell after the event. The candle is obviously one cheap but effective solution to toilet odor.

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James Chia said...

Geez! I had a post with almost the same title as this one. When I pop in, even the background is almost the same! Anyway, great post here.. I shall bring along a lighter everytime i go out just in case i might need to poo!