Friday, August 24, 2007


It’s Friday, but it is not the end of my week. My weekend start tomorrow at 3pm. But I am getting into the mood, with three of my friends. We are heading to Geylang Road, for steamboat buffet.

We reach the restaurant at about 7pm. The soup is a little flat, meaning MSG is not present, varieties is not comparable to places like Marine South, due to the space constrain, but it is air conditioned. One thing different is the dumpling, its hand made, and it definitely taste good. We took less than two hours to fill our stomach, such a waste, I could eat non stop for three to four hours ten years back. This is an alarm for ageing. Four of us cool ourselves with two bottle of Tsing Tao and chat till about 10pm before we settle the bill and make a move, and our plan for the coming Friday, durian for dinner at 717 or Balestier Road. By the way, the meal cost us $12.80 per head, excluding the beer.

Before we leave, I discover a long lost friend – Tai Seng Herbal Restaurant.

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