Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fishing Trip 11 Aug 2007

This time round, I join my wife where her company organise a boat trip on Nelayana. Along with 9 other staff and family, we board the boat at the yacht club near West Coast Park. The weather was good, a little breeze and not so sunny. We decided to bring only my elder daughter to be fair. The boatman brought us to the southern side of main land where we could see the skyline of Singapore.

This is my catch of the day, biggest so far for bottom fishing.

And of course, my wife also has a great time fighting this one.

This one was too heavy for my girl to handle, so I have to help her reel it up and hold it for her photo session. In fact, it is the second biggest among the trip.

And these are the effort of twelve anglers, including my family.


rookie's portal said...

very nice CR

next time if got offshore, jio me leh, i wanna bring my boy go also.

u can beep me at 94888-993

BACTS said...

Ok, I keep you inform. How about kelong, 2 day 1 night?