Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Theme

When I started this Blog more than a month ago, I did not really know what I wanted to write on. So I simply throw in my latest fishing trip photo and wah la, I am a blogger. From then, I begin to read through more blogs, and realize the amount of new things I need to learn, before my three girls catch up with me.

Now I have decided on my theme, they are “FAMILY, FOOD, FRIEND, FISHING & FEELING”.

It will be a memory of my precious moment with my GIRLS (Wife + 3 Kids). Things we do, food we go after and jokes we make.

I like unhealthy food, my wife too. And although my family doctor will not encourage it, I would have to try it before I could blog about it. Right, I’ll sacrifice for my blog.

This should be everyone and anyone that we know.

I like to record all my fishing trips and equipment, so I will be able to know the kind of time and money I have invested in this hobby. Of course, it also helps me to remember the wonderful time and beautiful experience.

These will be times when I complain, or share my joys, maybe my thoughts, in one word “my emotion”.

This post should help to keep me on course, I hope. Maybe one day, when I got substantial improvement in my writing skill and acquire sufficient knowledge in web page formatting, I will consider starting start other blog that is more focus. Let’s start BLOGGING…

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