Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hungry Ghost Festival - 中元节

Today my company holds a ceremony to pray for the hungry ghost festival. While my project is half way through, thing don't seems quite right. There are less contractor joining the event, there's less food, and less offering. Though it's only a Chinese festival, it does reflect the economy status of Singapore in its way, at least in the building construction industry. At this golden period of our nation, we are expecting good amount of contribution to the ceremony. I can still remember ten year back, when the project I was handling was three time smaller in contract size, and the money thrown into the fire was three time more than the current one. After all, the player was meant to be for everybody's well being.

Anyway, my focus today is not economy, but food. I will be going for steamboat dinner with my friends tomorrow, I should train my appetite tonight.

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