Monday, August 27, 2007

LIVE! Seafood In Sembawang

The pass weekend has been an exhausting one. In fact, I was so busy I did not have time to update my Blog that day.

My dinner on Saturday night is a satisfactory one, ever since Yishun Live Seafood restaurant (义順活海鲜) started this store in S21 along Sembawang Road, they have not disappoint me yet. By the way, if you do not like seafood, there are good varieties of choice here. The food center has an uncle to direct you into their parking lot when the car park is congested, and of course, parking is free. They even do broadcasting to inform the customers to move their car from the road side whenever a Traffic Attendant arrives.

The three must-try dishes I avoid missing here are oyster egg (蠔蛋), crab with cellophane noodles (冬粉螃蟹) and curry fish head (咖喱魚头). I personally feel that their oyster egg is even better that the neighbor’s store specialize in it.

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