Friday, October 26, 2007

New Kids On The BLOG

I have decided what I want to do to my blog. I wanted to split up the personal entries from the other articles. For the time being, I have created one other BLOG to house my personal entries, and I’m going to take some time to organize the site and make it more children and family friendly. Oh, and I decided to use blogger over wordpress.

The fact that on presentation, workpress does offer more choice of templates and seems less complicated to use, but that’s also where the problem lies, the simplicity of the blogging tool is achieve by exercising more control on the usable widgets, there are no place I could insert some interesting HTML widgets that I used here. By the way, I am only referring to the free blogging services, I believe the paid service would offer more but I am not prepare for that yet.

One more thing, I am also cutting down the frequency of my entry partially due to my work commitment. And I hope that through blogging, I will continue to improve the content and context of my entries.

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James Chia said...

Great! I look forward to see your new blog!